HM Prince Daniel I (countfeedback) wrote,
HM Prince Daniel I

OCHO: Arachnid From Hell on the bigscreen

Well basically it's like this: We're going to pay the pricey fee and get a screen at Malco theater to show OCHO: Arachnid From Hell.
They wouldn't let me do it on Halloween, so it's gonna be October 30 at 7pm.

Admission will be $3 unless you want to pay more to help subsidize the loss I'm taking on this venture.

It is a small price to pay for a hometown screening of my horrible b-movie.
I will make Tupelo pay for their sins!!

Please come out and see the WORLD PREMIERE of the greatest bad movie since The Beast of Yucca Flats and Plan 9 From Outer Space! There is no end to the depths of this movie's horrible quality!
How many chances in your life do you get to attend a red carpet premiere, eh?

Somewhere... Roger Corman is smiling.

The date and time is not actually booked yet, and subject to change. I will have it set in stone Monday.
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