HM Prince Daniel I (countfeedback) wrote,
HM Prince Daniel I

Tax cunts

So I've had this minivan for a while that has an electrical problem I never could quite sort out. An interested buyer came along, so I finally went down to the Union County courthouse yesterday to have the title changed to my name. (Never bothered before as it didn't go anywhere, so what was the point?) Has to be in my name to sell it for obvious reasons. (You can't sell somebody else's property.)

Now, I fucking HATE HATE HATE going down there. Cause EVERY FUCKING TIME I go down there to get a license plate for a car, they always get all huffy about something or another and act like I'm asking them a favor to do their job. Also, I have to stand in line behind illegal immigrants because the four bitches that work in the license plate dept spend more time talking about their Gulf Shores vacation or gossip about some bitch they know than servicing the public.

So anyways, I have the title changed over and she hands me the printed out thing to sign and I say "Oh, I see you've misspelled my name. It's E and not O there." (Daniel Porea)

I swear that if she had had a gun at that moment, I have no doubt she'd have shot me. She jerked the paper back and looked at it. Violently flipped over the title and pointed at where I printed my last name. Points at the e: "WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE TO YOU?!" "Um, it looks like an e." "Well you NEED to learn how to WRITE worth a dang where somebody can actually READ IT!"
She made a big production out of throwing away the paperwork and JERKING a new form, jamming it onto the printer intake.... and I thought she was gonna punch a hole in her keyboard from typing so hard. It was seriously very comical and I'm sure I would've laughed had I not felt bad about pissing her off.
"And you even WATCHED me write your name and didn't SAY NUTHIN!!!"

Now I could've pointed out that her handwriting was even tinier than even my miniscule print and that I seriously could not tell from where I was standing on an upside down title what my name looked like. And that if I HAD noticed it, I would've pointed it out right then... But I don't think making any such statements would've helped the situation.

Once I started walking away with the corrected title, I noticed that in the space it calls for a Social Security number, she had put my driver's license number instead. I was VERY VERY tempted to turn around and ask her if that needed to be corrected, but I didn't feel like getting assaulted.

See, she had asked "What's your driver's license number?" and I handed her my driver's license. She never said one word about my SS number.

She mistakenly assumed that my DL number would be the same as my SS number. In the state of Mississippi, for aeons, it's been the tradition that your SS number became your default DL number unless you specifically request a randomly assigned number instead for privacy reasons (which I always have and you should too. Besides, it's against federal law to use the SS number for anything other than use by the office of social security. The IRS commits millions of counts of breaking that law every year by using it as a tax ID number. Explicitly illegal!! Why are our laws not enforced?!)

New mississippi law has changed that tradition where you now cannot use your SS number as your DL number.

So shame on her for making an assumption that the number would be the same!

And shame on her for working in the transportation government field and not knowing about the new law!!

And shame on the state of Mississippi for asking for my Social Security number to begin with! ITS ILLEGAL!!
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