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WINNER Best Student Film - Magnolia Independent Film Festival 2007

My little flick won an award!! It was the Little Movie That Could. Some of the other filmmakers were amazed that when they started out, they would get rejection after rejection from festivals.... And my very first real film not only gets accepted on the first try, but wins an award to boot!

I feel kinda bad about winning the Student Film award though. Because I'm not a student. I certainly didn't submit it as a student film. I submitted in the "short drama" category. So either they threw me in the Student section just because it would fit in better, or they made some sort of mistake. (Or somebody else suggested that I may have been tossed in because of how 'young' I was. Apparently people were under the impression I was around 19.) At any rate, I definitely AM a green-hand student of the craft, and this film WAS made as a learning project more than anything else. So it is kind of an apt award.

I made something of an acceptance speech where I ended up getting really emotional. I probably coulda said one or two more things, but I didn't wanna ramble on and if I continued, I probably would've started crying.

I had convinced myself I wouldn't win anything by the end of the festival because many of the other films were so good, they mine look weak in comparison. And at first it bothered me because I thought maybe I spent all my creativity on The Picture and nothing else was gonna be as unique and good and maybe it was the only shot I'd ever have at winning an award. But by the end, I was ok with not winning because of how great many of the other films were.

I've never really won an award for anything other than academics in grade school. My entire art career has been an uphill struggle for SOME kind of relevance. To win an award for an artistic project completely validates my crafts, and I will never again feel irrelevant!

You know, I think that was one of the happiest moments of my life. Definitely in the top ten.
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