HM Prince Daniel I (countfeedback) wrote,
HM Prince Daniel I

if it ain't broke, don't fix it

Ron Paul is the unoriginal candidate. The guy has no new ideas whatsoever. But that's the great thing. All his policies are the same as presidents like Washington and Jefferson. The important thing about that is that those policies resulted in success.

The last dozen (or couple dozen, maybe) presidents have had a lot of new ideas that have left the country in sad shape. The dollar has devalued to 4% of the purchasing power it had in 1913. The recent bridge collapse and grid failures over the past couple years proves how sorry the infrastructure is. The national debt has exponentially risen to previously unimaginable heights. There's a two front war against poorly organized, poorly equipped peasants with whatever ragtag shit they can find... and amazingly we're losing them both.

Every president gets progressively worse.
Nixon - crooked asshole that tried to end a rival party. Opened trade with the most vile, disgustingly oppressive Orwellian regime the world has ever known.
Reagan - negotiated with terrorists. Gave anthrax to saddam hussein. Sold weapons to Iran, an avowed enemy. Funded guerrilla groups in Nicaragua.
Bush - fucked over the economy, promoted the New World Order one-world government, engaged in a war to protect oil interests.
Clinton - rented out the White House like a bed & breakfast to wealthy chinese businessmen, took bribes, committed perjury, engaged in politically motivated firings, abused his priviledge to pardon people, sold out American jobs for quick cash through NAFTA (which by the way Bush would also have signed.), tried to police the whole damn world, engaged military actions against Iraq in a pathetic attempt to take heat off his job-threatening scandal, and was one of only two presidents to ever be impeached.

And Bush Jr? Oh gawd, whole books have been written on his bullshit.

Income taxes, pre-emptive war, currency backed by nothing, nation-building, unfavorable treaties, regime changes..... These were new ideas
And this is where new ideas get you. Straight down the shitter. Vote for the candidate with NO NEW IDEAS.

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