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HM Prince Daniel I

Red Dawn 2: Red Afternoon (or THE COLD WAR IS BACK ON!)

I usually read the newsfeed on my phone browswer while I'm 'giving birth to politicians' at work. By that, I mean when I'm taking a shit.

I was shocked thursday afternoon to read that the Cold War was BACK ON!!! I could scarecely believe it! But there it was from CNN. Russia had test-fired a new multi-warhead ICBM (Intercontinental Balistic Missle for those of ya'll that aren't old enough to remember Reagan ranting about these things). They also fired a new cruise missile.

Their motivation? Putin announced this this was a response to US interest in placing a missile shield defense program in various european allied nations. And also a response to the US pulling out of the multi-nation BMA treaty that placed a ban on any new nuclear weapon technological research and development.
Read for yourself.,4670,RussiaPutin,00.html

Surprisngly, this isn't big news.  I guess all the presidential politicking and Britney and Paris' latest fuckups are far too important to give any airtime to.... oh I dunno.  ARMAFUCKINGEDDON!!!!
I can't believe the dawn of a second arms race is having to take a backseat to bullshit non-events.  Wow, so there's a presidential race. Whoop de doo! I get to choose between Big Brother, Bigger Brother, or some poor third-party sap without a shot in hell.
Go ahead. Give the office to Hilary Clinton, Mitt Romney, or Barry Obama.  It makes no difference to me.  They're all power-expanding, soveriengty-sellout globalists from where I'm standing.

Back to the Cold War.  So this all goes back to The Commander Guy (aka The Decider) [aka the Cokehead].  The Man at the Wheel, Dubbya.  Rather his administration, since he's basically a Jar Jar Binks-in-a-suit incompetent mouthpiece.

Back at the start of the Bush administration, they were obsessed with two things in Year One.  That stupid tax cut.  And the much-vaunted MISSILE SHIELD DEFENSE program.  Which was little more than a re-hash of Reagan's Star Wars Defense Program.  It was a waste of money nobody wanted, and nobody thought we needed except the handful in the White House.  There were a few soothsayers that insisted pulling out of the anti-nuclear missile treaty might be a bad idea, but they were ignored.

Well now here we are several years and two wars later, and Russian premier Vlad "the Impaler" Putin is throwing a lot of fightin' words our way and waving around his phallic missiles, while bragging about the impotence of our missile shield.

The Bush-backed Missile Shield can not protect against Russia's mutli-warhead ICBM.  The creation of the Missile Shield program indirectly spawned a missile that could penetrate it.  It had the complete inverse effect of its intended purpose.  Oh the irony.  Good job, Bush Admin.  Just when I think you guys have run completely out of fuckups, you pull this out and top yourselves!! It's getting close to the end of your term.  Just what the hell you do for an encore!!?  I'm DYING to know! Maybe literally!

But hey, let's look at the bright side of all this.  With Cold War II, we'll have a resurgence of paranoid, ludicrous movies coming out! Red Dawn 2: Dawn Harder!  Rocky IV 2: Drago's Revenge "Iz not over till iz over!"  From Russia with Love 2: Flava of Love (starring Flava Flav as James Boyeeeeeeee).  Honey, I Poisoned The Kids With Polonium!, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on.

And comedian Yakov Smirnoff can FINALLY have a comeback!

And this is better for me! The only reason I set OCHO: Arachnid From Hell in 1964 other than the aesthetic, was to be able to put Soviet spies in the movie.  With a new cold war, I no longer have to worry about period clothing and vehicles and can just have evil commie spies in the modern era driving around Ford Focuses and carrying around iPods and such.

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