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Saturday, October 13th, 2007
10:43 am
OCHO: Arachnid From Hell on the bigscreen
Well basically it's like this: We're going to pay the pricey fee and get a screen at Malco theater to show OCHO: Arachnid From Hell.
They wouldn't let me do it on Halloween, so it's gonna be October 30 at 7pm.

Admission will be $3 unless you want to pay more to help subsidize the loss I'm taking on this venture.

It is a small price to pay for a hometown screening of my horrible b-movie.
I will make Tupelo pay for their sins!!

Please come out and see the WORLD PREMIERE of the greatest bad movie since The Beast of Yucca Flats and Plan 9 From Outer Space! There is no end to the depths of this movie's horrible quality!
How many chances in your life do you get to attend a red carpet premiere, eh?

Somewhere... Roger Corman is smiling.

The date and time is not actually booked yet, and subject to change. I will have it set in stone Monday.
Friday, September 21st, 2007
12:57 pm
Alan Greenspan admits on national TV that we don't really have a free market
He also admits that our monetary system is a work. (That's a wrasslin' term. By that I mean the whole Federal Reserve and stock market only exist to convince us to spend money instead of saving it.)

I would pay real money for a front-row seat at a Ron Paul vs. Alan Greenspan debate. It'd be better than Ali/Frazier!
Thursday, September 13th, 2007
8:34 pm
if it ain't broke, don't fix it
Ron Paul is the unoriginal candidate. The guy has no new ideas whatsoever. But that's the great thing. All his policies are the same as presidents like Washington and Jefferson. The important thing about that is that those policies resulted in success.

The last dozen (or couple dozen, maybe) presidents have had a lot of new ideas that have left the country in sad shape. The dollar has devalued to 4% of the purchasing power it had in 1913. The recent bridge collapse and grid failures over the past couple years proves how sorry the infrastructure is. The national debt has exponentially risen to previously unimaginable heights. There's a two front war against poorly organized, poorly equipped peasants with whatever ragtag shit they can find... and amazingly we're losing them both.

Every president gets progressively worse.
Nixon - crooked asshole that tried to end a rival party. Opened trade with the most vile, disgustingly oppressive Orwellian regime the world has ever known.
Reagan - negotiated with terrorists. Gave anthrax to saddam hussein. Sold weapons to Iran, an avowed enemy. Funded guerrilla groups in Nicaragua.
Bush - fucked over the economy, promoted the New World Order one-world government, engaged in a war to protect oil interests.
Clinton - rented out the White House like a bed & breakfast to wealthy chinese businessmen, took bribes, committed perjury, engaged in politically motivated firings, abused his priviledge to pardon people, sold out American jobs for quick cash through NAFTA (which by the way Bush would also have signed.), tried to police the whole damn world, engaged military actions against Iraq in a pathetic attempt to take heat off his job-threatening scandal, and was one of only two presidents to ever be impeached.

And Bush Jr? Oh gawd, whole books have been written on his bullshit.

Income taxes, pre-emptive war, currency backed by nothing, nation-building, unfavorable treaties, regime changes..... These were new ideas
And this is where new ideas get you. Straight down the shitter. Vote for the candidate with NO NEW IDEAS.

Sunday, September 9th, 2007
1:13 pm
Not only is he a shitty director. He's a hypocrite too!
A 2002 interview with Rob Zombie, courtesy of 'Are you Going?' magazine.

"Q: How do you feel about big budget remakes of Dawn of the Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Zombie: I feel it's the worst thing any filmmaker can do. I actually got a call from my agent and they asked me if I wanted to be involved with the remake of Chain Saw. I said no f***ing way! Those movies are perfect - you're only going to make yourself look like an a**hole by remaking them. Go remake something that's a piece of s**t and make it good. Like with my movie (House of 1000 Corpses) I have elements of Chain Saw in it because I love that movie so much, but I wouldn't dare want to "remake" it. It's like a band trying to be another band. You can sound like The Beatles, but you can't be The Beatles."
Saturday, September 8th, 2007
12:58 pm
What's the matter with kids today?
So I went by the mall to see what Rob was up to. He works at a store in there. He went on break and we went out by his car in the parking lot shooting the breeze. We started walking back to the service entrance (behind a dumpster)and this teenager comes up from this picnic table they now have outside JC Penny (I assume so their employees can smoke).

He comes up and starts making conversation and bad jokes. He says stuff that I suppose we were supposed to find shocking and offensive "I don't support the troops. Fuck em. I want em to get killed!" I suppose it was an attempt to make us think he was cool.

Finally he gets around to asking our ages and says "That's great! So you guys can buy me alcohol." Rob says "I can't leave."
The kid says "But you can leave right? You're not at work."
"Uh no. I can't leave either." "Why not?" "I just can't leave."
"But you'd buy me beer if you could, though wouldn't you?"
I said "Under certain circumstances I would." (I didn't bother to voice that those circumstances would be him being 21.)
He goes "I'm not blowing you, man. I'll cut your dick off and feed it to ya, but I'm not gonna blow ya. I could get a gun and put it to your head and feed you your dick and make you buy me beer, but that would be the hard way."
I start wondering if he's even remotely aware of what words are actually coming out of his mouth and the legalities and potential consequences of making idiotic nonsense statements that could be construed as a threat of armed assault.
Around that time, the rest of his friends come over from the picnic table, and he says "Hey guys, I met two really cool people." and a couple of em shake our hands. Two of them were girls. One of the girls was like "I need to sit down again." and sits on the curb. The other girl crouches down and looks like she's checking on her out of concern or something (Lay off the meth, kiddies.)
While that main kid continues making idiotic statements, the two girls abruptly start kissing FOR NO REASON!
Me and Rob just sort of turn our backs and walk away, and fortunately they didn't follow us.

We started making fun of the whole thing "What the fuck was that? Why were the girls kissing? Was that actually supposed to IMPRESS us?!" and we can hear them out past the dumpster still carrying on making noise and trying to get attention. Actin' a foo, as a southerner might say.
"These kids today. I'm glad I wasn't that stupid when I was that age."
"I've never been so happy to be like 30."
"Why don't they do what we did to get beer at that age? Hang with the wrong crowd!"
"Yeah why don't they have any bad influence friends?"

Grow up, kids. Stop trying to impress people. Just be yourself. Posers are lame.
Sunday, August 19th, 2007
10:07 am
The Revolution starts now
Ron Paul won a straw poll sponsored by the West Alabama Republican Assembly with 216 votes. Mitt Romney came in second with 14 votes.

Ron Paul also won the New Hampshire straw poll with 73%, 206 votes to Mitt Romney's 26 votes.
9:28 am
Ron Paul video of the day
Watch Sean Hannity's head nearly explode as Ron Paul wins post-debate text message poll.
Very entertaining.

Friday, August 17th, 2007
5:29 pm
The Iowa Straw Poll- reflections
Well Mitt Romney won the straw poll, surprise surprise. It was no surprise. As the unofficial 'top tier' candidates are Rudi Giuliani (has he kicked his latest wife out of his house yet?), John McCain (wouldn't you think he woulda learned from the FIRST Vietnam?), and Mitt Romney... one of the three would win the poll.

Here's the hitch. John and Rudi didn't participate. So the winner was obvious. Here's the funny part. As Romney is constantly floating around spot #1 and 2 in the polls, he shoulda won by a landslide. But he got LESS THAN 40% against what the mainstream perceives as nobodies. He got only 31%. That's it! That's not even a third! And he by far spent the most money campaigning in Iowa.

So how is Dr. Ron Paul doing? Well he spent no money, has no organized support in Iowa, didn't even bother to show up until the weekend before the poll, was not allowed to participate in the Iowans For Tax Relief campaign event (even though he's the patron saint of anti-tax), and only bought a few tv spots in the middle of the week. And he still got 9% 940-odd votes.

This AFTER several reporters were making much of the fact that they saw tons of Ron Paul supporters but supposedly couldn't find a single one that was actually a citizen of Iowa (and therefore eligible to participate). In your fucking face. Ron Paul is virtually unknown in Iowa and can still do 9% without any promotion. This proves once and for all that he really does have a solid nationwide base and not just a small handful of 'internet spammers'.

Now for the conspiracy theory irony. Some random guy who happens to be a Paul supporter filed a suit against the Straw Poll on the basis that their electronic vote counting machines were unreliable, inaccurate, and subject to failure. Ron Paul took a lot of flak for this because the supporter was seen as one of his 'internet conspiracy kooks'.
Guess what happened.

YOU GUESSED IT! The electronic machines suffered catastrophic failure and the poll had to be hand counted and the result delayed by a day! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So then there was the Illinois Straw Poll. What would happen?! Would Mike Huckabee continue his amazing run of luck? NO!! Would John McCain pull his failing campaign together? NO!! Would Mitt Romney win with the 8 to 1 margin he was supposed to win the Iowa poll with? NO!!! He barely got 2 to 1 odds over... you guessed it! RON PAUL!!

The 'nobody' with no money, no organization and nothing but a handful of 'internet spammers' (or so the media would like you to believe) came in 3rd. Against Mitt Romney and a guy who isn't even running yet, Fred Thompson. Which means he actually came in SECOND! The Ron Paul machine is building up steam, baby! They are now going to have to start taking him a hell of a lot more seriously.

To quote Al Michaels in 1980: "Do you believe in miracles?"
Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
7:44 pm
Karl Rove, the mastermind behind the Bush Administration. "Bush's Brain", "The Man with the Plan", "The Boy Genius", "President Rove", "The Architect" as he's variously called RESIGNED!!!

The primary evil behind the neo-conservative (I call it neo-soviet) movement has gone on to .... well.... What IS he up to?

He stated some blather about meeting all the people that pray for him or some bullshit like that.

My theory? He's jumping on board some Republican's campaign to mastermind yet ANOTHER evil administration.

Although one wonders what exactly is left for Karl to do. They've already instituted secret prison systems (concentration camps), the use of torture, pre-emptive war (hey that's Hitler's gimmick! Stop stealing his act!), throwing Habeus Corpus out the fucking window, eliminating due process, transferring the authority to make war away from Congress to the Presidency, removing most congressional oversight of the executive branch, issuing legislation by decree that cannot be voted on or overridden by Congress(more signing statements than EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT COMBINED, PEOPLE!), perfecting the corruption of the electoral process, surpressing free speech, and spying and eavesdropping on the American public.... And they even took direct control of the National Guard just for shits and giggles! (Did I miss anything?)

At this point, the only things left for the next president to do that could possibly be any more nefarious would be abolishing the Fourth Amendment, instigating the rest of World War III with Iran/Russia/China/Venezuela (the 'Axis of People who Don't Take Kindly To American Imperialism' as I call them), and dismantling Congress.

I mean what are they gonna do? Create a police state? Oh wait. The machinery for that is already in place. Put Americans in concentration camps? Oh yeah... they already do that with 'terror suspects'

Half of me is honestly just waiting around for them to declare somebody the Emperor and just make it fuckin official already.

Still, I don't give up hope. The minute The People stop believing in a democratic republic is the minute it ceases to exist! DONT STOP BELIEVIN!! VOTE!! HASSLE YOUR CONGRESSMEN!! USE YOUR SPEECH!!
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
12:57 pm
I remember 9/11
I was watching clips of the latest republican debate on YouTube. They've begun to incorporate the modern age of internet video clips into debates, as the questions were being asked via videoclip by average joes. Question #1 was by a very young woman (more a girl, really) in unstylish casual attire. "How would you get us out of the war in Iraq?"

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Ron Paul had the best, easiest, simplest, and most logical solution which by the way got the biggest pop of the night by the live audience.

"We simply walk out." *CROWD GOES WILD*

During Congressman Paul's explanation of defective foreign policy, the mormon Willard "Mitt" Romney rudely interrupted him by making a highly comical gesture of incredulity and saying "Has he forgotten about 9/11?!" While his drama club body language made me laugh, I feel the need to answer him a lot more specifically than Dr. Paul did.

Since you brought up 9/11, Mr. Romney, let's go ahead and remember what happened. (For the sake of argument, I want you conspiracy theorists to just go along with the official story for me.) What happened was several people legally entered the United States through the proper, normal channels. They had passports and paperwork. They had apartments, they took flight lessons, they bought boxcutters at Wal-Mart and took over some planes, and then crashed them into buildings (which ironically were engineered to withstand a plane crash. So much for that.)
This was not a conventional military attack by an invasion force. It was not a military attack by a state.

The Saddam Hussein administration was not a sponsor of Al Qaeda. In fact, terrorism in general was perceived as a threat to the Ba'ath Party rule and treated accordingly. In essense, the Hussein administration fought terrorism. By the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" rationale recently spouted by the Bush Administration, that would actually have made the nation of Iraq a friend.

Therefore, Mr. Romney, your 9/11 related objection to Ron Paul's desire to withdraw from Iraq basically makes no sense.

In fact, most of the so-called War on Terror makes no sense. Regime change and nation-building will not prevent anybody from getting crazy with a plane ticket and boxcutter. John McCain's "The terrorists will follow us home." argument doesn't hold water. They can't follow you home if you have a razor-wire fence and a big fucking Rottweiler.

I will never take the Bush Administration's "war on terror" seriously as long as they continue to leave the Mexican border completely unguarded, do not reform and enforce security at ports, allow any Tom Dick or Abdul-Ackbar to just come into this country and work a convenience store. Our visa laws and policies and immigration policies and coastline security policies leave us wide open for any idiot to come in with God-knows-what.

Furthermore, this continued war (wherein Mitt Romney has expressed interest in deploying tactical nuclear weapons against Iran and Barack Obama has expressed interest in opening another front in Pakistan) does FAR FAR more harm than good.
Terrorism is basically not really much of a threat. Certainly not enough of one to warrant the kind of crusades the US has gone on.
I am far more likely to die from some hospital mixup, car accident, train derailment, or random ghetto trash with a gun than I ever will be at risk from foreign terrorists.
In my old neighborhood in Alabama, there were broad daylight home robbery raids done at gunpoint by illegal immigrant mexicans. But there has never been a foreign terrorist attack within 1000 miles of any place that I've lived.

Mitt Romney has served a single term as governor. He has never held a national-level political office. He knows shit-all about foreign policy.

Ron Paul has served in Congress for decades in numerous committees, served five years in the Air Force during Vietnam, is 71 years old, holds several university degrees, and basically knows and understands more about economic policy, foreign policy, and historical precedents than just about any other politician I've ever seen.

Has he forgotten about 9/11? No. But I think Mitt Romney has.
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
9:02 pm
tragedy upon tragedy
One of my biggest and most dedicated fans, Dustin Gross died over the week. For reasons unknown to me, he took his own life.
He loved my music so much, that his myspace url was one of my song titles. Under "People I'd like to meet", it listed me first.

His former girlfriend had emailed me a few times asking me to give them as much advance notice of all upcoming gigs as I could get, the idea being that they wanted to drive all the way down from Maine to come to a show.

The cruel irony here is that we had been contemplating making an east coast roadtrip during my vacation which would've included Maine. I wanted to put on some kind of informal solo jam because I happen to have a good number of fans in the area that he lived. I probably should have emailed him about this possibility a couple weeks ago when we were first talking about it. While I'm sure it wouldn't have changed his end result... and I'm not going to accept any guilt about him committing suicide... I feel like I dropped the ball. He could've at least seen his favorite musician play and hung out with me before he died. I should've emailed him. There was no reason for me not to have other than A. laziness and B. not wanting to get his hopes up in case the trip fell through.

I have very very few fans like him, and I don't know that I've ever done anything to deserve as much loyalty and admiration they give me.

I never knew you, Dustin. I never understood you. I wish I could have done something, anything other than my art to ease your pain. And I wish my art could have been enough to get you through. You'll always be my own personal American Psycho and you're always gonna have a special place in my heart. I hope wherever you are is better than where you were.
I knew your pain. I know depression and I know suicidal tendencies. One of us survived, and one of us fell. But wether you know it or not, you and I will always be blood brothers in misery.

I love you, brother.

Hope you find the peace in death you didn't have in life.
Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
11:21 am
Tax cunts
So I've had this minivan for a while that has an electrical problem I never could quite sort out. An interested buyer came along, so I finally went down to the Union County courthouse yesterday to have the title changed to my name. (Never bothered before as it didn't go anywhere, so what was the point?) Has to be in my name to sell it for obvious reasons. (You can't sell somebody else's property.)

Now, I fucking HATE HATE HATE going down there. Cause EVERY FUCKING TIME I go down there to get a license plate for a car, they always get all huffy about something or another and act like I'm asking them a favor to do their job. Also, I have to stand in line behind illegal immigrants because the four bitches that work in the license plate dept spend more time talking about their Gulf Shores vacation or gossip about some bitch they know than servicing the public.

So anyways, I have the title changed over and she hands me the printed out thing to sign and I say "Oh, I see you've misspelled my name. It's E and not O there." (Daniel Porea)

I swear that if she had had a gun at that moment, I have no doubt she'd have shot me. She jerked the paper back and looked at it. Violently flipped over the title and pointed at where I printed my last name. Points at the e: "WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE TO YOU?!" "Um, it looks like an e." "Well you NEED to learn how to WRITE worth a dang where somebody can actually READ IT!"
She made a big production out of throwing away the paperwork and JERKING a new form, jamming it onto the printer intake.... and I thought she was gonna punch a hole in her keyboard from typing so hard. It was seriously very comical and I'm sure I would've laughed had I not felt bad about pissing her off.
"And you even WATCHED me write your name and didn't SAY NUTHIN!!!"

Now I could've pointed out that her handwriting was even tinier than even my miniscule print and that I seriously could not tell from where I was standing on an upside down title what my name looked like. And that if I HAD noticed it, I would've pointed it out right then... But I don't think making any such statements would've helped the situation.

Once I started walking away with the corrected title, I noticed that in the space it calls for a Social Security number, she had put my driver's license number instead. I was VERY VERY tempted to turn around and ask her if that needed to be corrected, but I didn't feel like getting assaulted.

See, she had asked "What's your driver's license number?" and I handed her my driver's license. She never said one word about my SS number.

She mistakenly assumed that my DL number would be the same as my SS number. In the state of Mississippi, for aeons, it's been the tradition that your SS number became your default DL number unless you specifically request a randomly assigned number instead for privacy reasons (which I always have and you should too. Besides, it's against federal law to use the SS number for anything other than use by the office of social security. The IRS commits millions of counts of breaking that law every year by using it as a tax ID number. Explicitly illegal!! Why are our laws not enforced?!)

New mississippi law has changed that tradition where you now cannot use your SS number as your DL number.

So shame on her for making an assumption that the number would be the same!

And shame on her for working in the transportation government field and not knowing about the new law!!

And shame on the state of Mississippi for asking for my Social Security number to begin with! ITS ILLEGAL!!
Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
11:27 am
Red Dawn 2: Red Afternoon (or THE COLD WAR IS BACK ON!)
I usually read the newsfeed on my phone browswer while I'm 'giving birth to politicians' at work. By that, I mean when I'm taking a shit.

I was shocked thursday afternoon to read that the Cold War was BACK ON!!! I could scarecely believe it! But there it was from CNN. Russia had test-fired a new multi-warhead ICBM (Intercontinental Balistic Missle for those of ya'll that aren't old enough to remember Reagan ranting about these things). They also fired a new cruise missile.

Their motivation? Putin announced this this was a response to US interest in placing a missile shield defense program in various european allied nations. And also a response to the US pulling out of the multi-nation BMA treaty that placed a ban on any new nuclear weapon technological research and development.
Read for yourself.


Surprisngly, this isn't big news.  I guess all the presidential politicking and Britney and Paris' latest fuckups are far too important to give any airtime to.... oh I dunno.  ARMAFUCKINGEDDON!!!!
I can't believe the dawn of a second arms race is having to take a backseat to bullshit non-events.  Wow, so there's a presidential race. Whoop de doo! I get to choose between Big Brother, Bigger Brother, or some poor third-party sap without a shot in hell.
Go ahead. Give the office to Hilary Clinton, Mitt Romney, or Barry Obama.  It makes no difference to me.  They're all power-expanding, soveriengty-sellout globalists from where I'm standing.

Back to the Cold War.  So this all goes back to The Commander Guy (aka The Decider) [aka the Cokehead].  The Man at the Wheel, Dubbya.  Rather his administration, since he's basically a Jar Jar Binks-in-a-suit incompetent mouthpiece.

Back at the start of the Bush administration, they were obsessed with two things in Year One.  That stupid tax cut.  And the much-vaunted MISSILE SHIELD DEFENSE program.  Which was little more than a re-hash of Reagan's Star Wars Defense Program.  It was a waste of money nobody wanted, and nobody thought we needed except the handful in the White House.  There were a few soothsayers that insisted pulling out of the anti-nuclear missile treaty might be a bad idea, but they were ignored.

Well now here we are several years and two wars later, and Russian premier Vlad "the Impaler" Putin is throwing a lot of fightin' words our way and waving around his phallic missiles, while bragging about the impotence of our missile shield.

The Bush-backed Missile Shield can not protect against Russia's mutli-warhead ICBM.  The creation of the Missile Shield program indirectly spawned a missile that could penetrate it.  It had the complete inverse effect of its intended purpose.  Oh the irony.  Good job, Bush Admin.  Just when I think you guys have run completely out of fuckups, you pull this out and top yourselves!! It's getting close to the end of your term.  Just what the hell you do for an encore!!?  I'm DYING to know! Maybe literally!

But hey, let's look at the bright side of all this.  With Cold War II, we'll have a resurgence of paranoid, ludicrous movies coming out! Red Dawn 2: Dawn Harder!  Rocky IV 2: Drago's Revenge "Iz not over till iz over!"  From Russia with Love 2: Flava of Love (starring Flava Flav as James Boyeeeeeeee).  Honey, I Poisoned The Kids With Polonium!, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on.

And comedian Yakov Smirnoff can FINALLY have a comeback!

And this is better for me! The only reason I set OCHO: Arachnid From Hell in 1964 other than the aesthetic, was to be able to put Soviet spies in the movie.  With a new cold war, I no longer have to worry about period clothing and vehicles and can just have evil commie spies in the modern era driving around Ford Focuses and carrying around iPods and such.

Friday, May 25th, 2007
1:18 pm
Friday, April 20th, 2007
10:23 am
It's a Family Tradition
So I got a show tommorrow in Memphis.  It's a free outdoor Rock N Roll Party provided by the good folks at Tear It Up clothing and accessories boutique.  The other bands will be Area 69, The Splints, Alert The Youth, and The Vacant. Bands start at 6pm. All ages. Corner of Cooper St. and Young Ave.  Mapquest it, lazy.

Now that the shameless plug is out of the way, onto the real entry.  I am not the first -billy in my family to come along and take over Memphis by storm.  That would actually be my great uncle. Affectionately known to me, my brother, and my parents as Uncle Chink.  The rest of the world knew him as Eddie Burns.  In the mid-50s, Eddie Burns formed a hillbilly group and began playing semi-professionally.  He even once had a gig booked with that Presley guy. I forget his first name. Elvin or something like that?
I digress.  Without further ado - here's the man himself:

Eddie would be the grinning fool on the left.  This image is a copy made of an original promotional flyer from 1955.  Under that image of the band, which represents a primitive form of photoshopping (Somebody took a physical photograph and hand-cut around the band members then physically pasted it onto a hand-drawn/hand-written flyer. You can see they cut off the neck of the second guitar player) is the following info. And I quote: HILL BILLY STRING MUSIC FOR ALL YOU COUNTRY LOVERS! PICKIN AND GRINNIN ANYWHERE IN THE TRI STATE AREA
Which is followed by contact phone numbers for a Jay and John Brunner.  This particular flyer was actually a letter that one of my grandmother's relatives - perhaps Eddie Burns'  wife at the time - wrote to my grandmother.  Amongst family health updates and smalltalk "He's growing so fast, I cant hardly believe it!" they also write: "On the back is your brother's band.  He's doing pretty good with it.  They play every friday and saturday night, and most wednesdays."
I was actually surprised that Uncle Chink was getting more regular gigs than I've ever gotten.
Now, I don't know if they ever auditioned for 'that Phillips guy' who would reputedly listen to anyone.  And I dunno if they ever played a gig with Johnny Cash.  But I would speculate that within that time-period, and Memphis being the small world it was, that they almost certainly must have played some shows with the likes of Sonny Burgess, Billy Riley, Malcolm Yelvington and other Rock n roll pioneers.  In fact... I consider Uncle Chink himself a rock n roll pioneer.  Sure, the flyer says 'country' and 'hill billy'.  But back then, Elvis went by the moniker "The Hillbilly Cat" and touted himself as playing "hillbilly" music and was marketed as a "country & western singer".  Bop, or rock n roll, or rockabilly as it would later come to be called was a controversial, dirty, nasty thing nobody in their right mind would intentionally be associated with. 

"Well I dunno, Sam.  I mean, is it COUNTRY?"  "Are you kiddin?! Ole Dewey says it's SO country, he cain't even play it past 5 am!!"

Burns played more or less the same genre of music, despite having more traditional instrumentation of fiddle and steel guitar. 
And besides.  Rockabilly has always been nothing more than a subgenre of country music.  Which is something far too many so-called 'rockabillies' these days completely fail to understand.
So whatever became of Eddie Burns?  Well, professionally I suppose the band more or less ran its course and he retired from public performance.  Personally, his wife divorced him, filled their children with all kinds of lies about his character and he never saw them again.  They remain estranged from our family to this day.  Eddie lived out a long natural life with a pushy, overbearing second wife that nobody really likes.  And he died a couple years ago of more or less just old age.  I never spoke to him about his musical career in life because I never knew he HAD one.  Nobody bothered to tell me.  Uncle Chink was one of those honest, nice farmboys from a by-gone era that you just couldn't come with anything bad to say about them if you tried.

At any rate, this may explain why it is that I became irresistably drawn to make billy music of my own.  It's in my blood!
Monday, March 26th, 2007
8:50 pm
Sunday, February 18th, 2007
2:08 pm
WINNER Best Student Film - Magnolia Independent Film Festival 2007
My little flick won an award!! It was the Little Movie That Could. Some of the other filmmakers were amazed that when they started out, they would get rejection after rejection from festivals.... And my very first real film not only gets accepted on the first try, but wins an award to boot!

I feel kinda bad about winning the Student Film award though. Because I'm not a student. I certainly didn't submit it as a student film. I submitted in the "short drama" category. So either they threw me in the Student section just because it would fit in better, or they made some sort of mistake. (Or somebody else suggested that I may have been tossed in because of how 'young' I was. Apparently people were under the impression I was around 19.) At any rate, I definitely AM a green-hand student of the craft, and this film WAS made as a learning project more than anything else. So it is kind of an apt award.

I made something of an acceptance speech where I ended up getting really emotional. I probably coulda said one or two more things, but I didn't wanna ramble on and if I continued, I probably would've started crying.

I had convinced myself I wouldn't win anything by the end of the festival because many of the other films were so good, they mine look weak in comparison. And at first it bothered me because I thought maybe I spent all my creativity on The Picture and nothing else was gonna be as unique and good and maybe it was the only shot I'd ever have at winning an award. But by the end, I was ok with not winning because of how great many of the other films were.

I've never really won an award for anything other than academics in grade school. My entire art career has been an uphill struggle for SOME kind of relevance. To win an award for an artistic project completely validates my crafts, and I will never again feel irrelevant!

You know, I think that was one of the happiest moments of my life. Definitely in the top ten.

Current Mood: satisfied
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
6:38 pm
I just got an email from the Magnolia Film Festival. My silent short, The Picture has been chosen as one of the films to be screened at the festival.

The Mag goes on Feb 15, 16, and 17th for those of yall that wear fannypacks.
I will be there representin' tha Suicide King Films. Word to your mother. Viva la raza.

Five years ago, I attended The Mag. I was so blown away by the amazing talent displayed by all the filmmakers. Even the ones lacking technical skillz showed so much creativity and heart that I knew then and there that I was going to make films, I was going to get them into the Mag, and the people were going to see them.

I met the late Ron Tibbett at that year's festival and was so inspired by him that I handed him a ten dollar bill out of my pocket as a donation. While it was sad that it took until the late 90s for anybody to actually realize the state of Mississippi needed its own film festival, Ron Tibbett was that man. And Ron Tibbett was the one who took the intiative, spent his own money, put forth his own unpaid effort, and went out on a limb to create the first film festival in Mississippi. I saw that he gave us all an opportunity to have our creative voices heard, and felt almost obligated to exercise my voice.
It took a while.
Being broke, suffering from a lack of story ideas, and the demands of quasi-rockstardom set me back several years, but finally my goal has been acheived.

Mr. Tibbett has left us, but I and many others remain behind to keep his dream alive.
Here's to you, "Sugar Daddy".
Thursday, December 28th, 2006
12:19 pm
Justice League Heroes
Aw man. We got Justice League Heroes for xmas... and I totally love this fucking game.
It's pretty much a ripoff of X-Men: Legends.... the difference is that everything X-Men should have been... this game IS.

I never liked Legends. At ALL. Everybody else thinks it's like one of the greatest games ever, but I never even finished it due to complete frustration and disgust. My friends ask me why the hell I didn't like it since it's such an obviously good game (according to them). I'll tell ya. I was hyped about the game due to the concept (multiplayer superhero action - dungeon crawler style) and the franchise (who doesn't like X-men?) and the really good reviews in the gaming magazines.

But in execution, it was total disapointment. The characters were too damn small, the graphics were shitty. The characters look almost like Super Nintendo quality characters. I constantly lose track of where I am onscreen because of the aforementioned shitty graphics, poor lighting engine, complete lack of character detail and identical costume schemes.
The characters take for FUCKINGEVER to level up. They're tragically underpowered as far as super-powers go. Their actual super-powers are pretty weak and not all that impressive. The super-powers take WAYYYY too much energy to use so you're constantly running out, and the meter takes forEVER to rebuild. And you die too easy.
While I'm at it, I may as well complain about the artistic license they took with the look of the characters. Why exactly does Logan have a 90s haircut?

Now the Justice League on the other hand was designed by Snowblind. Snowblind did the AWESOME Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and Champions of Norrath 1 and 2. The best dungeon crawlers ever to grace a PS2 screen. They write superb in-game lighting and animation code, and JL is no exception. Snowblind went the extra mile with JL and turned what coulda been a good game into a great game.
It's as if I personally sent them an X-Men complaint list and they designed the game with my complaints in mind.

The characters are bigger. The resolution and detail is much better. If you're a character that can fly, you can fly whenever you want, however long you want and it doesn't take anything off your super-power meter (unlike X-Men). It's easier to level up, the super-powers are way better and your health and energy meters refill in seconds. So you're able to constantly use super-powers. What good is a super-hero with no super-powers? If I wanted to just kick and punch people all the live-long day, I'd play Final Fight. Super-powers fucking RAWK.
But what I REALLY love about this game is how much attention and heart went into getting the characters right.
Superman IS SUPERMAN!! When he flies, it's the classic oustretched fist pose and the cape animation is so fluid and smooth! His heat-ray vision works exactly as it should and makes this cheesy 50's era b-movie sound effect. When he blocks, he puts his hands on his hips and sticks out his chest exactly like George Reeves. His physical attacks consist of wild, swinging haymaker punches exactly like the old Fleischer cartoons.
And he can pick up ANYTHING. Superman can pick up a big armored van and swing it like a baseball bat. When it connects, the enemy goes FLYING across the screen. Now THATS how you make a superhero game!
But it's not just Supes. Martian Manhunter flies and moves exactly as he should. He can shape-shift, phase in and out, and use psychic attaks. Zatana leaves purple-pink sparkles in her wake when she flies or punches and yells magic spells backwards with every super attack. Batman's moves and 'powers' are exactly what they should be. The Flash is dead-on accurate. Wonder Woman can even throw her tiara like Lynda Carter.

Snowblind went the extra mile on this game. An old dog lifelong fan of DC comics like me really appreciates it. I betcha Alex Ross probably beat the shit out of this game the same day it was released.
Saturday, December 23rd, 2006
1:32 pm
The Picture
My latest short film project is now up on YouTube.

The Picture is divided into two parts due to large file size. Even with the file size that large, the quality is still less than what I want. I hate those weird scan lines that happen when there's motion. I feel the need to apologize for the shortcomings necessary for YouTube. They're not present on the 'real' footage, just so ya know.

This is my first serious work, and I'm pretty proud of it.
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